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End bottlenecks & shorten cycle time in your clinical trial contract experience.

End bottlenecks & shorten cycle time in your clinical trial contract experience.

You probably experience these struggles when you work with global clinical trial contracts ⇒⇒⇒

You probably experience these struggles when you work with global clinical trial contracts ⇓⇓⇓

☑ Endless, unproductive negotiations that create frustrating start-up delays & difficulties.

☑ One-size-fits-all feedback from headquarters that complicates the contract itself because no one considers your individualized struggles or needs.

☑ Inconsistent standards or templates that increase costs, wait-time, & disruptions.

You’re exasperated because you have very little control over these situations…

And your work would be so much easier if you could simply focus on ⇒⇒⇒

And your work would be so much easier if you could simply focus on ⇓⇓⇓


  1. understanding the contract deeply so you can…


2. swiftly execute it!

For so long, it’s just been way too challenging and has felt far too mechanical!


How much easier would it make life to engage with each contract using a strategy that:

☑ makes bottlenecks disappear

☑ is clear & understandable to everyone involved

☑ has a shorter cycle to cut costs & improve resources

☑ resolves negotiating issues seamlessly & quickly

Is all that possible? YES.


I’ve spent the last 15 years learning the depths of clinical trial operations and have created a reliable, collaborative approach designed to be sensitive to your individual needs.

It’s designed to help you put an end to feeling disengaged, mechanical, or overwhelmed when working with clinical trial contracts.

This is not a plug & play approach, system, or method. Instead, we collaborate to help you reduce:

Delays in contracting time

Negotiations & frustration


save money


With a clear, simple, functional approach.


Here’s how you end the frustration of late start times, lengthy negotiations, and standardized approaches that don’t work:


1. Let’s set up a Consultation.


2. We discuss your contracting needs, requirements, or practices.


3. I create a personalized proposal, & we decide how best to move forward.



Caroline Thangavelu

In my 15+ years as a consultant in the clinical trial contracting business, I’ve witnessed how simplifying the process helps accelerate contract negotiations.

That’s what we all want!

But too often, I’ve seen negotiations, complexity, and a lack of clarity bottleneck projects that should’ve moved ahead much more quickly & simply.

You’ve experienced it, too, I’m sure.

I’ve spent thousands of hours learning, researching, and collaborating with experts around the world to gain a deep understanding of global clinical trial contracting requirements.

That’s why my work focuses on synthesizing everything I’ve learned so you no longer feel confused or overwhelmed.

I become the resource to guide & support you, so you no longer have to do the heavy lifting throughout the process alone…

Together, we meet the deadlines – even if you’ve got demanding circumstances and tight timelines.

It doesn’t have to be as difficult as it has been. My methodology will help your research team finalize clinical trial contracts quickly – and much more painlessly!

You can expect a clinical trial contract that’s negotiated & finalized within an expected timeline and with a shorter cycle time – when we become active players within your research start up team.

Your work is vital because together, we all contribute to bringing new medical treatments into the market sooner, creating meaning & purpose to the work we do every single day.

Are you looking for simpler ways to improve your contract timelines?

If yes, I’m here.

Let’s connect!

“Very positive experience. What I really like was that you not only provide the answer or suggestion but also clarified why you would suggest your language…that was really helpful.”

— Contract and Proposal Director of a Niche CRO —

“We are discovering shorter negotiations, less questions…they are easy to work with! We are very grateful for your services…I hope that we will collaborate in the future. We trust you. We count on you. You are very reliable…”

— Associate Director, Site Contracts of a Mid-Size CRO —

Your service exceeds expectations. Your service has helped me gain more business and retain my clients.

— CEO of China-based Clinical Services Provider —

“It was worth every effort invested. Now we are just enjoying the results, which is great! We become more confident when presenting the templates to the sponsors.”

— Associate Director, Site Contracts of a Mid-Size CRO —

No dramas and misunderstanding. In terms of quality, it is also remarkable. You have a lot of knowledge to give advice. You give clear guidance. I feel very comfortable when I work with you. Once you promise something, you will deliver.

— CEO of China-based Clinical Services Provider —

Simplify. Connect.

Are you looking to engage an experienced clinical trial contract professional who can integrate within a matter of days and help you drive your clinical trial contracts negotiations quickly?

Are you thinking of getting some outside help to get the ball rolling on your clinical trial contracts improvement initiatives? Let’s get in touch and discover how I can help you.

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